I am the kind of person that love discounts, for that reason, on this post I will talk about how to purchase One Funnel Away Challenge for almost 50% off.

The usual cost of the challenge is $100, but today I want to show you how to sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge for $47 only. Basically, you’ll save $53.

If you’ve never heard about One Funnel Away Challenge, it’s an amazing 30-day training by highly successful entrepreneurs Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, Stephen Larsen and Jim Edwards. They’ll show you how to bring your business idea to life or grow your existing business within 30 days.

Before explaining how to sign up with the discount, you need to know that with $47 you will have the digital version of the challenge. This is mean that you are not going to have the physical box but you still have all the treats of the box in PDF including a workbook, “30 days.com” book and series and all the recording.

How to get a discount for the One Funnel Away Challenge in few steps

Go to “Link Funnels Swipe File” scroll down till the bottom of the page and fill up the contact information to purchase the order.

This file is actually one of the best bonus you can get at the moment as you can download 106 proven lead funnel that Russell himself analysed, across a bunch of industries, including eCommerce, coaching, consulting, products, services, professional, social media, agencies, health, supplements and much more.

After confirming the order, you will see an upsell page for OFA Challenge for $100


Scroll down and click “No Thanks”, you will be redirected to another upsell page


Here you have 2 options: going for a physical box for $100 + shipping (I do recommend if you don’t have already because the box is super cool) or sign up for a digital version for $47 and you are in 😉

Extra tips from me!

I’ve done the challenge a couple of time and, as I said early, the first time I purchased the physical box because I do like to have original books, notebook and also there was an MP3 with the coaching recording.  I don’t like much the papers from the printer.

The second time I sign up with the discount.

Do you want to know why I’ve done the OFA challenge a couple of time? The main reasons are 2:

  1. Motivation: this challenge is pure adrenalin
  2. Networking: I’ve found great people ready to help me and grown-up my affiliate business

Anyway, this is completely up to you if you what to accept this challenge or just leave the page  😉