If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you are in the right place!!

I already talk in the past how the “One Funnel Away Challenge” has changed my life and help me to build my business for scratch within 30 days.

But now is time to bring my business to the next level.

This is the reason why I’ve decided to sign up for the One Group Away Challenge and create my Facebook Group.

What is the One Group Away Challenge all about?

Doesn’t matter if you have or not a Facebook group already.

The One Group Away Challenge is a step-by-step training guide on how to create, grow, engage and monetise your Facebook group.

If Russell Brunson is the king of the funnels, Alex S Elliot is the queen of the Facebook groups.

She designs the training in 3 challenges of 2 weeks each.

Challenge 1: Build, Attract and Grow

Challenge 2: Serve, Engage & Prime to buy

Challenge 3: Monetise, Automate & Outsource

sourceOn the end of every challenge… you have the graduation training 😉 

To sign up for the challenge, you do need to submit a quick quiz to find the perfect challenge for you.

For example, I didn’t have any Facebook group before so I had to start from the first challenge.

If you have already a Facebook group, probably you will start already from the second one or third, depend on how many members you have in your group.

When you sign up for the challenge, you will join a private Facebook group where you will directly interact with other people taking the challenge and get the motivation to complete each day’s lessons and homework.

The homework will take you through the concepts you’ve learned that day and you have to go live to update your progress of each day.

The Leadership


Alex S Elliot

Alex S. Elliot is a full-time Affiliate Marketer, who solely began having success with funnel-based affiliate marketing in the course One Funnel Away Challenge.

She managed to go from having $1,000 to $21,000 in commissions from ClickFunnels & complimentary merchandise in only 90 days. Her Facebook group “Digital Marketing Hacks for online Entrepreneurs” in massively grown and hit over 3000 members in no time.


Calum Ewing

Calum Ewing is an Automation Expert and tech wizard who stays behind the scene of One Group Away Challenge and he makes sure that all the technical part is running smoothly.

What The One Group Away Challenge Will Teach You

The One Group Away challenge will help you to leverage the power of the Facebook group.

The challenge will teach you how to build, grow and monetise your group and generate hungry leads and satisfied customers for your business.

The challenge is designed to get your learning fast and implementing faster so you can grow your community in no time


Like most of the challenges, the One Group Away Challenge is second to no one in term of bonus.

Bonus Training

It’s an early stage, but Alex is full of surprise and I am sure she does not reveal all the bonus to us yet.

In the meantime, one of the last bonus she added if you sign up, is the FREE Group Convert BASIC Account, so you can save the email address directly in your list 😉

The Price

The cost of the challenge is $ 497.

If you want to start this journey together… Why don’t you sign up to secure the price 😉

Extra Tips From Me

I’m personally doing the One Group Away Challenge, it’s a hard challenge as I do have to go live every day to report my progress.

I’ve never done Facebook live before, I feel more comfortable to be behind the camera and I spent a couple of days and 15 recording video on my phone before actually go live.

I am at the 4th day of the challenge, I went live 4 times, every time is getting better and less scare as the One Group Away Community is a safe place and you can find people that encourage and not judge you.

So why am I write this post??

Come on guys… you haven’t guess yet!?!?

I can official announce that after only 4 days of the challenge my group “Digital Marketing Community: Funnels, Traffic & Much More” is ready to accept new member 😉

In this group, I’ll share all my knowledge of digital marketing. Some of the topics will be:

  • Brand & Business Foundation
  • Email Marketing
  • Design Funnels
  • Content creation
  • & Much more

I want to make sure that only Fabiolous people are allowed to join my group so…

If you want to learn & give back
If you want to work hard for their dreams
If you want to be a part of a genuine community

You are more than welcome 😉