A huge part of setting the foundation for your business is getting crystal clear on who you are and your expertise. This will help you figure out exactly who you want to attract with your brand – your Avatar.

What exactly is the Avatar?

Your “Avatar” is you 5 minutes ago. It’s the person who’s currently wrestling with your past struggles in a particular area; someone you want to help navigate the hurdles, overcome the obstacles, and conquer something you’ve figured out. He/she is your ideal customer that you want to work with – a person you want to serve long-term, and he/she is a lot like you. This is a person you want to attract, help, and turn into a loyal, lifelong tribe member and customer.”

Why You Need To Define An Avatar

While it might seem exclusive to narrow your audience down to ONE very specific person, or that it might “limit” your potential to grow, the opposite is true! The more specific and niched you are, the more quality followers you’ll attract.

Defining your Avatar will help you hone in on your message and feel more comfortable when sharing on social media or video. When speaking or writing, you’ll be able to imagine one person as if you’re talking to a best friend. This will help you naturally attract the people you want to work with and weed out the ones you don’t. And surprisingly, even though you’re speaking to one very specific person, you’ll still attract people who don’t fit your exact Avatar profile…and they’ll be crazy about you and your brand!