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Where to celebrate Burns Night in London

My low level of Scottish culture is came out again when a couple of days ago my mate asked me where we can go to celebrate the Burns Night.
The answer was easy and clear…”to celebrate what??”.

Burns Night is a celebration of the life and poetry of the poet Robert Burns, author of many Scottish poems and happen on 25th January. Continue reading “Where to celebrate Burns Night in London”

Modern British food at Hood Streatham

Sometimes you don’t have to travel too far for spend a romantic and relaxing evening.

I went on Time Out website to check which restaurant won the “Time Out Love London Award” and in few seconds the name of the restaurant is came out: Hood in Streatham Hill.

Hood it was part-financed by the community in a crowd-funding initiative and It’s nice to see that the founders, Robin and Melanie Frean, haven’t forgotten the people’s tribute, along the wall, you can find a blackboard with the names of this people. Continue reading “Modern British food at Hood Streatham”

Chocolate heaven is called Choccywoccydoodah

I was in Carnaby Street with a couple of friends for a bit of shopping when we saw heaven in a corner!

After a very high level chat:

Me. “chocolate”
Friend G. “chocolate”
Friend J. “chocolate, I’m hungry”
Friend G. “Me too”
Me. “Get in”

Can I say that Choccywoccydoodah is the best place ever if you are a chocolate lovers  and dreamer like me. Continue reading “Chocolate heaven is called Choccywoccydoodah”

Happy birthday to me to London

If You are thinking that today is my birthday, You are WRONG, I was born in June, but I like to think of the 19th of August as my rebirth because exactly Today, 3 years ago, I landed to Stansted with a couple of small luggages and big dreams.

Like a proper Birthday it’s time for presents!!! Continue reading “Happy birthday to me to London”

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